About Lori

Hi Lori here, welcome to my blog!  I grew up as a farm girl who loved spending her summers barefoot.  Now I am a recent college graduate working in the city, spending my summers in pencil skirts and heels.  Immersed in the world of law and criminal justice, my wish is to leave this world a little bit better; and to take notice of those otherwise forgotten.

These Days is about my journey as I try to figure out this crazy thing called life.  It is about my struggle to find my fit in this crazy world full of beauty and social injustices.  Whimsical at some points, and heart wrenching at others.  Come learn and explore with me.



38 thoughts on “About Lori

  1. Love your concept for this blog, you sound so full of life, vibrant. Enjoy your work and possible new studies, but don’t lose this wonderful free and positive attitude to life.

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  3. Hi Lori! I see that you started following my first blog, thepreciouslifeofprecious, but I don’t blog there anymore, I’m now active on fiftyshadesofprei.wordpress.com; I’m so sorry for the inconvenience but thanks for following! You are one of my ‘blog-spirations’. More power! Love and light, Prei 😀

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