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Dear You:

You Were Made for More

Someday You Will Be Old

I Know You Thought You Love Him


Playing It Safe

A Nice Box of Dreams

Frozen by Doubt and Fear

What it Means to be a Writer 

The Great Unknown

Half Written SongsSailboat 2285521_1877152334117_1400510155_31598144_1511528_n[1]

Beautiful Whimsy

“You Have a Gift, Don’t Waste it.”


Calling All Flirting Experts

I Don’t Hate Mornings


Let That Be Enough

When the Ash and Smoke Settle

The Purpose that’s Hiding Under you Bed 

Following Breadcrumbs & Finding Purpose

Just Word and Just Music

All my Single Ladies 

Whispers of Love 

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

The Roads We Walk

Tears and Rain

Dear Heart, the World Needs your Facecropped-feet.jpg



The Great Unknown of 2017

New Beginnings and Changing Seasons

Life in the Slow Lane

Lessons on Love Part 2

Fading Summer and Falling Leaves

Long Friendships and Hard Goodbyes

On Feeling Desperate

Lessons on LoveLaughter

Restlessness and the Pursuit of Happiness

What Makes a Home 

For John

Sweet Summer Memories

Oh Brother . . . Zambia Kids

Growing Pains

What to Expect When Your’re Expecting . . . to Graduate 


Memoirs of a Paralegal

Memoirs of a Prison Intern Part 1

Memoirs of a Prison Intern Part 2

Memoirs of a Prison Intern Part 3

Memoirs of an Introvert 


The Strength in Her Bones


Just Me

I Am Done

We Are the Generation

Be Kind

I Never Meant to Become a Feminist 

The Eyes of a Child

Like a River599103_10151488542775606_1589400341_n

Social Issues: 

Aspirations of Justice

Love Wins

The Question about Truth

A Call for a Little Bit of Perspective and a Whole Lot of Grace

Being the Change 

Scribbles of Hope

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Beautiful MichaelLiedtke_Market1

Screams of Silence

Reclaiming the Word Pretty

Catching the Disease

Jean Valjean in 21st Century America


Cherished Blogfest

Catching Chickens

My Art’s Journey to the Other Side of the World 

How Building a House Made Me Hate Cows


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