Crunching Season

*** Crunch.  Crunch, Crunch.  Cruuunch ***

One of my favorite seasons is here in full swing, crunching season.   (Oh you call it fall?  How original of you . . .)

Nothing says fall like walking on a path a freshly fallen leaves, especially when you purposely try to step on every leaf you can.  Crunchy golden leaves are the play things of our childhood.  The delightful embrace of jumping into an ocean of crackling leaves brings us back to the simpler days of our childhood.  As more and more leaves tumble to the ground, we cannot but help think about squashing them.

So as you contemplate joining in this fun activity, here are some different levels of leaf crunching to follow depending on your commitment to the endeavor.

The first level is the walk and stomp.  This level is for those who are still testing the waters of leaf jumping, and may be a little nervous about just jumping in.  These people happen across leaves as they are walking and stomp as many as they can without looking like they are trying to play in the leaves.  However, the subtle smile that plays on their lips is a dead giveaway for the joy they are currently experiencing from stomping those golden treasures.

The next level of leaf crunching is the glance and jump.  This level is for those who want to fully embrace the leaves, but are too shy to fully dive in.  They look around to make sure no one is watching, and then they jump on the leaves like a little kid in a rain puddle.  Since they are so sneaky, you will not be able to witness this type of cruncher.   Although, they can be spotted by the small giggle they are unable to suppress afterwards, because they just jumped in a leaves without anyone knowing.

The final level of leaf crunching is the run and plunge.  This level is only for the truly committed.  These crunchers throw off all abandon, when they see a pile of leaves they do not hesitant, they go for it.  They run at the leaf pile full speed and cannon ball into it, resulting in leaves flying everywhere.  They do not care if they come out with leaves sticking all over their hair and clothes; all that matters is the awesome feeling of being surrounded in a cloud of leaves.

Warning: the run and plunge may result in landing on a pointy stick that has worked its way into the pile.  Even if they land on a pointy stick, these crunchers emerge from the pile in full out laughter.  They can be spotted by the one leaf in the back of their hair that they forgot to get out.  Even if you are not feeling as dedicated as these crunchers, it is impossible to not find happiness in flattening leaves.

So as you watch the leaves trickle down in the wind, embrace the joy of the leaf crunching season.  Take a moment out of your day to stop and stomp some leaves, after all that is what they are there for, and remember that you are never too old to get joy of crushing leaves.  Happy crunching season.

Fall 1

Photo Credit: Unknown

Fading Summer and Falling Leaves

I have been suffering from temporary writers block these last couple of weeks.  I have tried multiple times to write new pieces but have sputtered and died after about 150 words.  I have had a lot of ideas of topics I want to write about, but then I sit fingers ready at the keyboard and nothing.

All of my creative juices have been thrown into trying to write my personal statement for my law school application.  I foolishly thought this would be the easiest part of my application.   I mean I have a blog, writing prose about my life experiences is kind of what I do.  I had mentally checked this off my to do list before I even started.  Foolish and naive I was.  I am learning there are no easy parts to apply to law school.  I made a meme to reiterate my point . . .

meme law schoolIf I am going to do this, I am going to do it right.  Which means months of studying for the lsats (I know disgusting).  It means hours spent writing and rewriting my personal statement.  It means researching law schools so I know what my options are. It means asking for help when I have no idea what I am doing.

I keep thinking that I have plenty of time, it is only August September October (tomorrow?!?). I am still in shock about August being over that I can barely comprehend how September started and ended without my notice.  I was told that life moves faster as you get older, I just never thought it would be this fast.

Which is why now I must begin the painful process of saying goodbye to another summer.

Summer was fantastic, but it was a blur.  I traveled, I laughed, I cried, and I watched my brother get married.  Some days I was so busy going places that I forgot what it was like to be home.  Summer flew by way too fast, and suddenly before I knew it, fall was creeping in.  The crispness in the air, the crispness of leaves that have just fallen to the ground.

I absolutely adore fall.  I use to never like fall, because it stood for the end of summer freedom.  It reminds me that dreadful winter is just around the corner.  Fall was just that season that brought the end of summer and the beginning of winter (and school). Fall meant letting going of the promise for adventure that summer holds, and buckling down for the long, never-ending, barren cold of winters in South Dakota.  Fall is a last chance to enjoy being outside before the snow and cold traps us in for months.

However now that fall is no longer coupled with the dread of going back to school, I can actually enjoy it.  Oh I am still sad to see summer go, and I still am dreading winter, but fall is absolutely the most gorgeous time of the year.

I love wrapping the chilly air out with scarfs and boots.

I love the taste of an apple that has spent all summer soaking up the sun.

I absolutely love pumpkin everything.

I love Halloween and Thanksgiving.

But most importantly I love the colors that get paint-brushed across the trees.

Fall 4 PC Terri Gostola

Photo Credit: Terri Gostola

I love listening to this song in the fall. It gives me nostalgia for another summer that I must let go of.  It is also a beautiful song if you want to listen to it.

Photo Credit: Terri Gostola

 Summer Again by The Afters:

I’m watching the green give into gold
As summer becomes October’s cold
Gravity begs
For one final kiss
She drops it to him, as she gives in

Traces of light, linger around
As laces of white fall to the ground
The softest of sounds for the heaviest things
And the pain that it brings

As she falls I try to catch her
For one last touch of warmth from summer
As one thing leaves to becomes another again
I remember when

Don’t remember the day, she started to fade
The ground felt a chill as she gave it away
A whisper – a sigh, for the time that she passed
But this winter won’t last

As she falls I try to catch her
For one last touch of warmth from summer
As one thing leaves to becomes another again
I remember when
Oh to be with summer again

The days were warm and we wore them like skin
Now I feel the effects of October again

As she falls I try to catch her
For one last touch of warmth from summer
As one thing leaves to becomes another again
I remember when
Oh to be with summer again

I’m watching the green give in to gold
As summer becomes Octobers cold

So to help myself accept that summer is over and to make sure I take time to enjoy fall, I decided to make a fall bucket list.

My Fall Bucket List 2015:

  1. Go to a corn maze
  2. Go to a haunted house
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch
  4. Carve a pumpkin
  5. Go to an apple orchard
  6. Make fall goodies
  7. Host a friends thanksgiving
  8. Run on my favorite trails at least once a week
  9. Watch a scary movie
  10. Decorate for Halloween
  11. Make a Halloween Costume
  12. Give out candy to trick-or-treaters
  13. Make homemade apple cider
  14. Tailgate a football game
  15. Spend time outside doing nothing but enjoying fall

Fall PC Chris Asche

Photo Credit: Chris Asche

**** I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave your comments in the section below.  What items do you have on your fall bucket list?  Are you just as sad as I am to see summer go? Also any advice on banishing writers block would be appreciated.