Concussion Update

Hi all!  I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I am doing.  I have been getting better, but it has been a slow and frustrating process. I was warned it could take a while to heal, but you always think that you will be different.  Not quite so much.  My first week I did a good job of laying low and resting.  But I learned that life doesn’t pause just because we need it to.  It became harder and harder to find the time I needed to rest.  I became impatient and stubborn.  I tried to will myself into feeling better, which of course just led to frustrated tears when I still was in pain.

I try to remind myself that I will be better, that this isn’t permanent, but when you head hurts all of the time it is hard to imagine that it will ever stop hurting. I do miss being able to blog and read blogs on a regular basis, but I am so grateful from all of the support I have received. You guys are great, and I appreciate all of you!


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