Five Years Ago…

A dear friend of mine reminiscing about our home town and the beauty of how our dreams can change as we do. I too am a little nostalgic today as it is my one year anniversary as a paralegal. What a crazy but wonderful year it has been.

Lindsay Waltner

Last year at this time, I was visiting my hometown to watch my alma mater play a few volleyball games. (The team was coached by my sister in law, and ended up finishing their season 22-2!) Anyway, the other morning on my TimeHop, a few pictures from that trip showed up and I was reminded of the beauty of my hometown during their (very short) fall season. These pictures were taken at my town’s very own Prairie Arboretum, which also happens to be the backyard to the middle school & high school I attended.

2015-04-08 15.52.402015-10-16 08.13.47

Seeing them made me reminisce.

I was reminded of high school and some pretty wonderful memories that took place at the arboretum. I ran a few cross country meets on this soil! My freshman year, I also remember having teacher/s who let us “study” outside on an almost daily basis. This “studying” meant the majority of the girls in my class finding a…

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