Out of Commission

Hey guys, if you haven’t noticed I have been kind of MIA over the last week.  I was in an auto accident and got a mild concussion.  I should be fine in time, but to get better as quickly as possible I am avoiding all things reading and screen related.  Which at first sounded boring.   A day off of work and I can’t read, write, watch tv or surf the web??  It forced me to sleep a lot, to spend time with friends, and even cross a few things off of my fall bucket list.

Anyways enough about me.  I am sad that I will be missing all of the lovely posts that you guys have been working so hard to create.  I try to read around a dozen a day which obviously isn’t going to happen, and it saddens me.

So please leave me links to your posts and I will get to them as soon as I can look at screens without feeling nauseous.  I can’t wait to read them!


10 thoughts on “Out of Commission

  1. Rest up and don’t stress about us all here. Getting better first is most important. Even mild concussion is bad and can take longer than you imagine to fully get over. My mother suffered from it in an accident this Spring and was not week for at all well for a couple of months. Look after yourself and warmest wishes.

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