Dear You – Someday You Will Be Old

Dear You,

You will get old someday.  It’s true, and it’s unavoidable.  You know this is true because you can feel it in your bones.  You are a ticking time bomb for wrinkly skin and bad knees.  It is something you have always known would happen, and yet the older you get the harder it is to accept that it is happening now.

Someday you will be old.  Starring into the mirror at a face that no longer should belong to you.  But it does.  The crinkles from all of the laughs that you have shared.  The wrinkles from all of the times you worried about nothing. You just stare, turning your head from side to side trying to find the person you use to be.  Trying to reverse the damage that time has done.

Some day you will be old, realizing that you have more life behind you than you have in front of you.  You will open up your box of memories, pull one out and examine it.  It use to be a box of dreams.  The places were you kept your hopes and somedays.  Now it is a box of memories holding your yesterdays. It is the most precious thing you own.  It is your friendships, your laughs, your rebellion, your courage, and your struggles.

It is the life you have lived and the person you have become.

You will also die someday. Which is more frightening than simply getting older.  Death doesn’t ask for our permission.  It happens however and whenever it pleases.  Which makes you almost wish for old age, because then you will have lived long enough to see it. Death is something you have also always known would happen, and yet that doesn’t make facing it any easier.

It is strange to think that death is our primary motivation to live.  It pushes us to make the most of every moment, because we don’t know how many moments we have left.

The future can be scary.

The future can be unpredictable.

But for now you are young.  For now you have your whole life ahead of you, and what a terrifyingly beautiful gift that is.  I know you are scarred of what the future may hold.  I know that you think you are too little to do the big things you dream.  You are wrong dear one.

You are exactly the right size, and so are your dreams.

Take a chance.  Chase after what it is that you really want.  Chase after the life you want.  It is right at your finger tips, just waiting for you to have the courage to reach out and grab it.

Take a chance.  Failing is better than the constant regret of what if.  You will always find a reason to not chase your dreams, but I want you to find a reason to chase them.

Take a chance.  Life doesn’t wait for us to silence our fears.  It just keeps moving.

Some day you will grow old.  Someday you will die.  Someday all too soon you will look back at your life and see how all of the puzzle pieces fell into place.  Some day you will look back on your life and know that you lived it well.  Someday all of your dreams will be replaced with memories.

It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday.  And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today.  And that someday is yesterday.  And this is your life.” – One Tree Hill

PC - Svetlana Chekhlataya

Photo Credit: Svetlana Chekhlataya

18 thoughts on “Dear You – Someday You Will Be Old

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  2. Yes. One day you’re 17. Then you wake up – you still feel like you’re 17, but you’re body says no, your 60. Take that chance. You may not have it later on.

    • Hahaha oh no! I have talked to too many people who never chased their dreams and now feel like it is too late. Every time it makes me sad. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. A great post, very poignant. Only in the last year have I started realising how long I’ve been on the planet, how crazily long that sounds when it only seems a moment ago that I left college. And I’m not even old! We’re just a little blink in millennia. Really quite scary to think too much abut it!

    • Thank you! I feel the same. Once you graduate college the months just blur together. I keep thinking oh I just graduated college, which I did but much longer ago than it should be. It scares me how quickly time flies the older you get.

  4. A lovely post :). I will be fifty next year, but I still sit and daydream about what I want to be when I grow up! The strangest thing for me, is that now my eldest is older than I was when I had him, and that doesn’t seem very long ago! Mir xx

    • Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read my post 🙂 I bet that is a weird feeling! I am still relativity young but it seems everyone my age is already getting married and having babies which just seems crazy to me because I don’t yet feel old enough to be ready for children.

  5. Very thoughtful. I’ll tell you, since my sister was diagnosed with leukemia, I have been thinking about this a lot. Not about me getting old, but her. Somehow, I’ve always thought I would live to old age, and so would the people around me. Now, I wonder if that will actually happen. Because the truth is, the people who get to be old are the lucky ones.

    • Oh I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I can’t imagine that is easy for anyone in your family. My mother had cancer when I was about 4 and luckily she survived, but it scares me to think about how differently my life would have been if she hadn’t. My prayers are with you and your family!

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