The Purpose that’s Hiding Under you Bed

I have been searching everywhere for some magical life shattering answer to the question of my purpose.  Why am I here?  Why did I get these gifts, these opportunities?  I have been trying follow others paths in hopes that I would find my purpose there, but it never quite fit.  Nothing did, because I was looking in the wrong spot.  I was looking for purpose like it was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I was looking at purpose throwing a telescope.  It was a dream. It was fanciful.  It was never meant to fit my life.

It is in our human nature to search for purpose.  We want to know that our lives mean something beyond the seemingly pointless activities we fill our days with.  It is normal to want purpose and meaning in our lives.  The problem is that we have turned purpose into a wishful and endless pursuit.  We don’t know what we are looking for, so we look for anything that seems big and important.

I have been searching for what feels like years for my purpose.  Every day I got more and more frustrated that I was not getting any closer to finding the answer.  I could feel it in my bones, I know I was made to do something, but what?  The small voice in my head kept telling me that I had all of the pieces, I just needed to put them together to get the answer.  I was close to something, but it felt like when you are trying to think of a word but can’t come up with the answer no matter how hard you try.

I have been on a journey to find purpose.  In my recent blog Following Breadcrumbs and Finding Purpose I talk about how I have been listening to the little pings that go off when something feels right.  I have stopped looking for big flashing signs, and started looking for the small little signs.  To my amazement, they just kept popping up.  They were going off like Christmas lights.  What I had been looking for at the end of the world had been sitting there this whole time under my bed, just waiting to be found.

Purpose is not something that you can find, because it has always been a part of you.

When I started paying attention to the things that I have always wanted, I started finding my purpose.  It was always calling to me, pulling me back to it, I had just forgotten how to see it.

We were each created for something.  I truly believe that.  The problem is that we see the rich and successful and we think that our purpose has to be molded after theirs.  We think that if our purpose doesn’t fit the right mold, then it can’t possibly be right.

So we push it aside, we ignore it, and we go on a journey to find what has always been there. 

If you want to find your purpose, start by looking under your bed.  You might be surprised by what you find.  You might be surprised to find what you have been looking for this whole time.


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