Love Wins

If I am being honest I still haven’t decide how I feel about the issue.  I know that is wishy-washy to blog about an issue I don’t have a fully established opinion on.  Then again it this may be a nice breath of fresh air instead of everyone trying to prove why they are right.

But really this day is about more than legalizing gay marriage.  It is about love.  It is about the idea that some people are more deserving of love than others.  And I am not talking about the right to get married.  I am talking about the right to be treated like a human being.  Not a freak show.  Not someone who needs to be fixed.  Not someone who has done anything deserving of all the hateful comments they receive.

You may have your opinions on this issue.  That is okay.  It is good to have opinions.  It is good to know where you stand and to stand up for what you believe in.  But in the world of social media where we can hide behind our Facebook statuses, we seem to have crossed a line.  The line that says it is more important to be right than to communicate and see both sides.

We have set our goal on being right, no matter who gets hurt in the crossfire. 

This issue is a hard one for me.  I think that is why I have had such a hard time deciding where I stand.  I grew up in a very conservative community.  I still have those conservative roots in me.  That part of me grew up believing that homosexuality is a sin.  Just like drinking, dancing, and gambling.

Then I watched this video

And so help me if I didn’t get all emotional.  Because it is impossible for me to watch two people in love and not want them to be able to spend their life together.  Just like it is impossible for me to get to know someone who is a homosexual and think that they are horrible sinful people.

Which is why I decided to not decide an opinion.  It is not up to me to decide if it is right or wrong.  Just like it is not up to me to judge anyone.

Here is the secret: it doesn’t matter what I decide about the issue, because that isn’t going to change how I treat the people. 

Its an issue about people.  It is an issue about love.

So despite how you feel about gay rights, let this simply be a day in history when love wins.  For one day, let this be a day when the hate stops, a day when people can accept others for their differences.  Let this be a day when we can just put aside our differences and see each other as who we really are: human beings desperately in need of each other’s love.


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